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Thanks for all your efforts on our Behalf !!!

My wife and I just returned from a visit to the site where our Lindal Cedar home is going up. We are thrilled with seeing our plans turning into physical reality.

As we watch these plans turning into reality, we feel the need to say a special thank you to Hal Kobrin.

We would expect the representative of a company like Lindal Cedar Homes to provide a real service to his customers, but Hal has repeatedly exceeded our expectations. He was patient with our halting process and frequently confused decision making. He provided invaluable assistance in every phase of the design process, and was available to us for many hours of consultation. Not only was he available, but available with a smile and a manner that made us feel comfortable and at ease.

At this state we are enjoying the process of seeing our plans turn into an even better reality than we had expected, and we owe much of that result to Hal Kobrin.

I hope that Lindal Cedar Homes realizes what a prize they have in having Mr. Kobrin representing them in the Berkshire area.


Dave and Elaine

Thanks to you all for doing such a great job on the house so quickly! We have had a wonderful time here and want to thank you for giving us such a comfortable place in such an amazing setting to bring our family together.

Thanks again!


Building our custom Lindal with Hal, Sonia and Donna, along with all of the carpenters, electricians and subcontractors working with Hal's office, was a genuinely enjoyable experience. Because we did everything with them---from having Hal design the house, to purchasing the high quality Lindal materials, to hiring Hal as the General Contractor to oversee the construction, all operating responsibilities stopped at Hal's door, not ours.

Any doubts or concerns that might have accompanied our project were handled with grace and wit by Hal, Sonia or Donna, which saved us from a lot of worry. With this one stop shopping there was never any question that Hal and his office would remedy any difficulties we might encounter. What surprised us, and pleasantly so, was the real dearth of problems. This we attribute to the overall managerial excellence of Hal's office.

Hal is not only a thoughtful and creative designer, who is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of home building, but he was a great person with whom to collaborate; he was able to translate our ideas into concrete reality by always being willing to address any concerns we might pose to him. Put simply, the house building process with Hal was not only successful but it was also an awful lot of fun.

Building a custom house can appear daunting to someone with no experience in construction. We had concerns about cost, quality, design questions and all the other hundreds of issues that will come up when taking on a new project. We need not have worried. Regardless of the questions, especially those, which in hindsight were extremely elementary, Hal never failed to treat our concerns as legitimate and important. Hal, and everyone in his office, has the special capacity to listen carefully to a customer and to provide helpful answers to all questions. This is an especially important trait in a designer/builder, and it did much to convince us that we were extremely fortunate to have chosen Hal to design and build our house.

In the process we learned a great deal, especially about intelligent energy design, so that now we are living in an energy efficient house that received New York State's Energy Star's highest classification, Five Star Plus. We are not only happy with the beauty of the house, but our extremely proud that it is environmentally sound and cost efficient to run. We are pleased, indeed.


Eric and Jane

We worked with Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes and Berkshire Hills Construction, and the result was a wonderful Lindal house, which we have been enjoying for the last 2 years.

And because the process worked so smoothly, these Berkshire contractors became our friends. We have worked with other builders in the past, and that has certainly never happened before. Their attention to detail has been tremendous, and we always got exactly what was promised. We highly recommend Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes, Berkshire Hills Construction, and Lindal if you want a fabulous custom home in the Berkshires.


Greg Chetel

Nelda and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it has been to have the house available for all of our family over the Thanksgiving holiday. It is such a special place and everyone was awed by the casual but elegant surroundings we have created together…


We are all blown away! How does such a space feel so open/airy and yet so cozy? What a beautiful job you all did! Thank you! …



We had decided to build/buy a vacation home in Otis. Nothing we found was exactly right so we decided our best option was to build. We were introduced to Berkshire Custom Homes by a friend who had gone through the same process a year earlier. During our first meeting with Hal, we knew he was the right person for us to work with on this project. Given that we were not local and could not be on site daily it was important for us to work with someone we could trust. Every aspect of the Lindal planning process and building process was transparent. The costs were identified at the onset and were on target throughout. In another word - no surprises. The entire process proved to be a wonderful experience. Hal built this home like if he was planning on living in it himself. His attention to detail and quality is best in class. We have nothing but accolades about Hal, Sonia and Donna who made this experience so uneventful that we are looking to work with them again in the near future.

John and Debbie Nosenzo

The process of building one’s dream home is never without its complexities and insecurities. What began in 1997 with an exploration of resale’s, condos and land sales, ended with the building of a Lindal home in 2004. Hal Kobrin from Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes, our go-to guy, enabled my husband and me to experience the process of fine-tuning our home’s design with a sense of ease. That was partly because we trusted Hal’s decades-long knowledge base as well as the fact that we respected Hal’s honest opinions that never came with an ounce of pressure.

After we were in our dream home, Hal was still there for us if we had any questions or concerns; we weren’t abandoned! And now, after a decade-long relationship, we are proud to call Hal Kobrin, not only our dream-maker, but also, our friend.

Sandy and Brandon Pantorno

Great Barrington, MA

We are writing a long overdue letter to let you formally know how delighted we are with our “Classic” Lindal Home. It’s hard to believe that five years have gone by since we took occupancy. Each time we come into our home we are awed by the magnificence of the interior space and the amazing view of our lake. We are often asked by friends if, in hindsight, we change anything. Amazingly, there is nothing. We love our home. But I would like to expand on our experience.

As you know we had a couple of false starts before arriving at the Lindal doorstep. However our review of the model home, local home visits of Lindal’s under construction and a thorough review of the Lindal home book left us satisfied that a Lindal home was what we were looking for. Diane and I wanted an open floor plan, a wall of glass to overlook the lake, a walk out basement and a home of high quality to stand up to the harsh Berkshire winters.

But our path to the final product is also an important story. As one whose position had a large component of construction management, my background in home detailing as lacking. This is where Hal’s experience came in, and frankly our home would not have ended up as fine as it did without Hal’s guidance. We were also very impressed with the construction documents. Following our arrival at our “perfect” final design our “CAD” file was sent off to the home office soon to be followed with incredibly detailed plans. The plans were perfect for dealing with our kitchen and bathroom layouts and our lighting folks. I keep the plans handy and I cannot count the time I have dragged them out to show them to friends who are interested in home construction and post and beam home plans.

A word on the home quality; after five years our home still looks brand new and one of my fears never realized. You might recall that we lived in a very wet area and I was concerned about a foundation standing up to the freeze thaw cycle. Lindal was also involved in site specification and in our case everything is working perfectly. The slab and foundation drains deal perfectly with the water and ice and our basement is a true living space.

A final thanks, complete with an invitation to stop over and view our finished product as I do not believe Hal as ever seen our occupied home.


Chuck and Diane Bennett

When we decided to finally build our home in the Berkshires, my wife came across information on Lindal Cedar Homes; the concept was intriguing and I quickly located a dealer a few towns away; from the first, Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes was very cordial, informative and very responsive; the other advantage was they also were combined with the builder; we viewed several homes they had recently built and spoke with the owners who we're well satisfied with the finished product; the homes were soundly and beautifully constructed; Hal helped us flesh out the design and kept pretty much to schedule; they also kept tightly to projected cost; the finished house is gorgeous and sits nicely in its setting; we've got nothing but great compliments from friends and family and have been enjoying it immensely; we would not hesitate to recommend them.


Ms. Sonia Morrison

Mr. Hal Kobrin

Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes, LLC

P.O. BOX 363

Otis, MA 01253

September 21, 2009


Dear Hal and Sonia,

As the summer winds down, it what was for us a season of wonderful personal events (marriage of a daughter, birth of our first grandchild, and a special trip to Korea with Vicki), there was really only one disappointment. We were so busy on good events that we rarely got to use our house on the pond this spring and summer.

I cannot begin to tell you how much Diane and I love our home in the Berkshires. As well as the people responsible for helping us design it and build it. I can still remember the first “thousand year rain” when the only dry spot on the property was the exposed basement floor. And after this past second “thousand year rain”, the only dry spot was still the basement floor (and of course the rest of the house). The change that comes over Diane when we arrive at our home, from focused lawyer to relaxed human is a sight to behold.

Whether we wish to begin at the stained ceiling and how it dramatically ties the house together, or at the “basement” which ties the kids to the house with ping pong, pin ball, WII, air hockey, et al, or the great room where we all ending up congregating, the house which is a Berkshire home is a hit with all the family. Vicki wants to bring her college friends (and they want to come), Tracy and Blair have had their friends there several times, and Lora and Jeff want to be there more but cannot justify the seven hour drive.

You were right about the building experience: hole too large, pour too small, build goes quickly, and finish goes slowly. It was an experience and you were always on point (well, almost always - it did take longer to build than we thought, but that is the problem with 30 foot ceilings - they are high). And we knew that you watched and cared every step of the way, particularly since we were out of town.

Thank you both, and thank the crews.

Very truly yours,

Stevens J. Kasselman