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Green News

Lindal's Commitment to Green Home Building

Since Sir Walter Lindal founded our company 64 years ago, the efficient use of materials and energy and innovative use of engineered building products has been our tradition.

On January 29, 2009 the NAHB Green Building Standards were approved by ANSI as the national standard for green home building. Lindal Cedar Homes is proud to be the first systems builder approved by the NAHB in the program and we are demonstrating our collaboration by building green homes coast to coast across North America.

The Lindal Green Coast to Coast program will demonstrate how predictable, affordable and gratifying it is to build green anywhere you live—and how significant your energy and maintenance savings can be year after year.

Long before “green” became fashionable, Lindal was creating homes with sustainability and the environment in mind. We believe that green is more than skin deep. Whether you begin with a time tested Lindal design or work with us to create a one-of-a kind home your Lindal home will be deeply rooted in nature.

LIndal's 17 Green Reasons

Corporate Culture

  1. More than 60 years experience designing and delivering custom homes for many types of environments.
  2. Commitment to using a plentiful, renewable resource from younger timber stands
  3. Resource management, replacing trees used in our homes. For nearly 20 years we have planted over 200,000 trees in the names of our customers.
  4. Our manufacturing process optimizes the use of material in the factory and greatly reduces on-site waste.
  5. A history of innovation in material planning, the recipient of 18 building technology patents, and an ongoing research and development process.
  6. Lindal Planning and Design

  7. Start with creating an environmentally intelligent site plan that considers; the lay of the land, existing vegetation, and microclimate including the sun and wind.
  8. Solar gain, controlled by overhangs or natural vegetation reduces energy consumption and creates happy sunbathed homes.
  9. Understanding what it takes to create and design homes that can lead to energy efficiency.
  10. Natural ventilation maintains air quality and reduces cooling costs.
  11. Planning expertise provided by Lindal professionals and local independent Lindal dealers, who are familiar with local regulations. Many are NAHB Certified Green Professionals, thoroughly trained in the NAHB's green home building standards.
  12. Fabrication and Construction

  13. The Lindal building system is a continually refined assembly of components that are designed to be used together, enhancing structural integrity and reducing infiltration.
  14. Engineered building products are stronger and consume less material.
  15. Lindal Green package specifications that include advanced framing, Energy Star Rated, cedar-framed windows with energy efficient glazing, RoastWood ™ decking, and other resource efficient upgrades. Well-considered options enable you to tailor the components to the climatic conditions of the site and to your own desire to build green.
  16. Prestained siding and other components use low-VOC stains, if desired
  17. Preassembled interior and exterior rails reduce waste and on-site labor
  18. Help with planning for energy efficient products, both in your Lindal package, and beyond the building phase
  19. Your Lindal building package can be delivered in one load, saving time, money and gas vs. the many necessary trips to the local lumber yard when not building a Lindal home