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Making it easy to Build Green, Save Green

If you own a building site and are waiting for the right moment to build, now is the perfect time to benefit from the highest level of personalized service and value ever; the most competitive construction costs in years; and the lowest mortgage rates since 1951.

Building a personalized home using a predictable planning process with little left to chance is a Lindal exclusive, and we've just made the process easier with our exclusive Lindal Prime Plans. Inspiring designs, exceptional natural materials, and enviable energy efficiency. An enduring value that begins today, with our most popular home plans delivered as soon as next month!

Included in the Lindal Prime Plans program are the latest home plans from Turkel Designs, chosen by dwell magazine for their 2009 Dwell Homes Collection, and by TIME magazine in their 2009 Green Design 100, value-engineered to fit your timeline and budget.

For builders and architects, a Lindal Cedar Home package is a Dream Come True.

Coupled with their great designs, Lindal Cedar Homes are built with the highest quality materials (known as export grade) that can never be purchased at your local lumber yard.

From framing lumber to siding, from the floor to our roof system, you will find a fully engineered house with premium above-grade materials.

Lindal Exclusive Guarantee

Although a lot of things have changed in the more than sixty years since Lindal was founded, two things have not: our passion for quality and our reputation for building it into every square foot of our homes.

  • Architects and Builders benefit from Lindal’s time-proven performance with hundreds of fully engineered Lindal designs to choose from or modify or we can “Lindalize” your original architectural plans.
  • Predictable numbered building system that is and fully engineered, which helps to reduce wasted time and materials. We provide a complete building package from nails to trim and you will be supplied with fully detailed and engineered construction blueprints.
  • The quality and quantities of your materials purchased from Lindal are guaranteed.
  • Since Lindal is the manufacturer, we can accommodate almost any custom requirements you or your customers may need such as custom window shapes or sizes, specialty wood species for your mill work & windows, custom structural requirements.
  • Your price is locked in at time of ordering. No surprises with extra expenses as a result of missing materials and inaccurate take-offs.

Along with the Lindal difference we include the best warranty in the building industry.

Lindal's Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Lindal’s Lifetime Structural Warranty gives you and your clients the assurance that one of life's most important investments is backed by a promise—and a company—you can count on.

Lindal’s Lifetime non-prorated window glass seal warranty. Unlike the rest of the industry, which only offers the industry standard, 20-year pro-rated window seal warranty.

If you would like to learn even more about the Lindal difference and the advantages of building a Lindal, stop in or give us a call to set up a convenient time to talk shop.