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Almost twenty five years ago, Hal Kobrin fell in love with the Berkshires. It wasn’t long before he purchased land and built a post and beam home made from local timber. He loved the post and beam style, but there were problems with the materials.

After extensive research, he found that Lindal was the Premier Company for Post and Beam homes. Hal decided he wanted to be associated with this fine and reputable company and was fortunate to be accepted as a Lindal dealer.

He started his very successful relationship with Lindal Cedar Homes more than 20 years ago. In that time he has delivered scores of Lindal Cedar Homes throughout New England. Each of these homes was personalized to suit its owner’s dreams and their building site, taking into account the owner’s budget and the specific challenges that their property offered. Every home whether big or small, is a masterpiece.

Operating from his beautiful model home in Becket, Massachusetts, Hal and his staff are here to serve you from the time you begin collecting ideas for your dream home until you move in.

Sir Walter Lindal

On September 15, 2011, Sir Walter Lindal passed away after a short battle with kidney failure. He was 92.

More than 65 years ago with his family by his side, Sir Walter formed Lindal Cedar Homes. As his family grew, they took on more and more responsibilities and helped the company grow to its now present greatness. Lindal Cedar Homes, Inc. is still a privately owned company and all Lindal Cedar Homes are backed by the Lindal name.

His passing is a great loss for all of us but his legacy continues to live on.

He was the founder of Lindal Cedar Homes, Inc. and was literally a “rags to riches” story. After the death of his mother, his father had no choice but to split up his family by placing some of his children with family members and Walter and two of his siblings were placed in an orphanage.

Growing up in an orphanage did not prevent Walter from acquiring keen business skills. He purchased baby chicks at 4 cents each, raised them and sold their eggs for 15 cents a dozen.

Not being able to afford college, Walter became a Fuller Brush salesman, selling door to door until his Uncle Hannes and Uncle Ben taught him the retail
lumber business.

In 1941, Walter enlisted in the army. Always thinking, Walter quickly rose to Captain after inventing different ways for training exercises to be safer for the men.

In 1945, at the war's end, he started Colonial Homes, a new company, manufacturing and marketing his own original concept of prefabricated homes. This led to his other great concept of having independent dealers. This is the way Lindal Cedar Homes operates to this very day and thrives on the expert and caring service that these dealers provide to the customers.

Sir Walter Lindal had been awarded more than 30 ground breaking patents that have given Lindal Cedar Homes its exclusivity. We bet you’ve probably seen one his earliest patents, the A Frame!